What is the best ever AFL match?

Updated: 11/20/2022
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Q: What is the best ever AFL match?
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Where do the afl play their match?

where do afl do their match

How did they get the umpires for the first ever match of afl?

In the first few seasons of the VFL (as the AFL was called originally) the captains of each competing team were responsible for paying free kicks.

When did AFL Hall of Fame Tribute Match happen?

AFL Hall of Fame Tribute Match happened in 2008.

Do you need a parent to attend an AFL football match?

No, you don't need a parent to attend an AFL football match.

Is st kilda the best afl team ever?

no ... The most successful AFL teams are Essendon and Carlton, each with 16 Premierships

Who is the best player to Ever play for Collingwood in AFL?

Peter Daicos by far

Is AFL the best sport ever?

Many who really know the game would answer in the affirmative. Yes.

Will there ever be a women AFL?

No Females afl wouldn't be as popular as male

The best ever wrestling match?

I say the best wrestling match ever would be at WrestleMania 1 when Hulk Hogan slammed Andre The Giant.

Afl carlton football club is good?

YES! Carlton FC led by Juddy are the best ... EVER!

What is another name for Australian Rules Football?

It is called AFL (Australian Football League) and us aussies call it footy.

What is Hawthorn's most ever goals in an AFL game?

Hawthorn's highest ever score in an AFL game was: 36.15.231 in 1991 against Fitzroy.