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Burton goggles are great and affordable.

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Q: What is the best color of goggle lenses for ski racing?
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OMG no they are the best of the best

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What is the best color of goggle lenses for skiing or snowboarding?

Most people believe that amber lenses are the best for sports, however, everything looks a different shade of yellow amber, and definitely bright. But, the neutral gray gradient is the choice because the gray lens will not distort color -it only shows a lighter or darker shade of the colors seen. It depends on when you ride. Amber or dark colored lenses are best for day and clear or lighter colors (like yellow) are better at night. After a while amber goggles won't distort colors anymore, your eyes get used to them and you see normally again. It depends where you ski. Amber is good all round but in bright sun darker orange, preferably mirrored is better. Night skiing or in fog clear or rose are best. Amber is best in partial sun. Also, in flat light amber will increase the contrast so you can see a lot better.

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