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the best cleats are usually nike or Adidas. whatever you do, do not get synthetic cleats. they rip apart easily and make you have weird first touches. The best kind to get is kangaroo leather. both nike and Adidas have them. newer cleats now have first touch spots which definitely help so I recommend looking for those.I would have to say adidas F50s

It is ludicrous to say that one brand is always better than another brand. To be fair; all manufacturers make cleats that are lower price as well as the upper price range. You can find great cleats in all brands: Nike, Adidas, Diadora, Under Armour, Asics, Pele, Puma, Umbro, Lotto, Joma, Pirma, Warrior. Trick is to TRY THEM ON, to get a feel for what is comfortable for you. You will probably find that leather boots wear better and after a short while will conform to your foot better than a synthetic. Before you buy, go to a few local Soccer stores and get imput from the sales people as well as try on a few pair.

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Q: What is the best brand of soccer cleats?
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What are the best soccer cleats ever?

The best soccer cleats ever Adidas Predator PowerSwerve.

What are some good brand soccer cleats?


What kind of soccer cleats are the best for power and precision?

my opinion is that the best soccer cleats are the nike mercurial vapors

Best soccer cleats?

Soccer f50s oh ya

Is it better to wear softball cleats for softball or soccer cleats for softball?

Softball/baseball cleats are best for sofball. Soccer cleats do not provide the proper tracton for dirt.

What are the best soccer cleats to get?

Pumas by far

What is better than vapor soccer cleats?

F50 cleats they are the best Diego

Difference between soccer cleats and softball cleats?

softball cleats have a spike at the end and soccer cleats don't you can wear softball cleats for soccer but you can wear soccer cleats for softball

Are there defenders in soccer who wear Adidas f50 soccer cleats?

YES!! The ADIDAS f50 cleats were made as soccer cleats therefore soccer palyes wear them as soccer cleats!!

What is the difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

Baseball cleats have toes and soccer cleats don't

What is the difference between soccer and baseball cleats?

baseball cleats have toes and soccer cleats don't

What are the spikes soccer cleats called?

I believe the spikes on the bottom of soccer cleats are known as cleats!

What is the difference between baseball soccer cleats?

Baesball cleats have a toe cleat whilsoccer cleats do not, also baseball cleats are built for baseball while soccer cleats are built for soccer

Are soccer cleats and cleats worn to play T-ball the same?

No, for T-ball you will want a pair of baseball cleats and for soccer you will want soccer cleats. they are made differnently, and for best results you will want to get cleats for each different sport. Cleats normally last 1-3 yrs so after that you might want to replace them.

When were soccer cleats invented?

when were cleats invented when were cleats invented

Are soccer cleats and football cleats the same?

no it is not

What are the litest soccer cleats?

Adidas cleats

Where can I find Ronaldinho's 10r Fg soccer cleats in Canada?

searcj in the internet for soccer cleats in Canada with ronaldhino shoes cleats for soccer

Where to buy soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

Difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats?

Baseball cleats have a metal spike on the frontt of them while soccer doesn't

What brands of soccer cleats are the best?

Nike and Adidas are the most popular brand of soccer cleats, but if you are wanting to buy some new cleats all that matters is that it they feel comfortable and fit you.For me, i think pumas and classic shoes are the best because they are so comfortable and soft which makes you kicl and run faster. The spikes that are super colorful and bright are usually plastic which gives you blisters.

What is material of soccer cleats?

the soccer cleats are made of rubber and some made out of metal

Is there a difference between soccer and lacrosse cleats?

no i play lacrosse and wear soccer cleats

Where to buy cheap soccer cleats?

I say that the best place to buy cleats is All-Star Soccer because they have very good quality cleats for a fair price. I got my new nike Mercurials for $60!

What are lacrosse cleats?

they are the same as soccer cleats :P