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it is nba live dk10

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โˆ™ 2010-06-17 21:14:25
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Q: What is the best basketball game for ps3?
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Women college basketball game for ps3?

No game for PS3 or ant other console I could find

Best mmorpg basketball game?

The best mmorpg basketball game is freestyle street basketball.

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NO it was aclaimed the BEST PS3 game!

Is PS3 the best game?

PS3 is not a game it is a Game Console and as Sony says a whole lot more.

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the best ps3 game is What ever you think

The best ps3 game?

Infamous 2

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Ps3 or psp are the best.

Can you play ncaa basketball 10 on ps3 for ps2?

Yes you can play the PS3 NCAA Basketball PS3 game on the PS3 not on a PS2 and the PS3 will not play the PS2 games without it being an early 4 USB port PS3 model, but did not see any PS2 version available. The game is sort of rare in the PS3 and Xbox Version with used games going for $50 on Amazon although Ebay has lower Prices

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the best game station is a nintendo wii and a ps3. the wii is very cool and its $150 includes a game so yeah ps3 is good to

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you can try multiplayer basketball game!!just try it!

What Is The Best Gambling Game On PS3?

There were some for the PS2, but not the ps3 see related link

Is the PS3 the best video game?

well, sony is the best brand yeah, ps3 is the best but xbox 360 is also good

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The console with the best graphics is the PS3

What is the best ps3 game ever?


What is the best online ps3 game?

uncharted 2

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Demon's Souls

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Tom Clancys : Endwar

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Killzone 3

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fifa 11

What is the best ps3 zombie game?

In my opinion Dead Island is the best, it depends on what you think of the game.

What is the best physics game ever?


What is the best basketball movies?

He Got Game

What is the best games for ps3 of 2010?

battlefield:bad company 2 is the best game of 2010 and the best multiplayer game

Best selling video game on the PS3?

I would say the best PS3 game I have played is uncharted 3. Brilliant graphics, great story line, overall a smashing game!

The games Nba 2k7 cheats for ps3?

NBA 2k7 is a basketball game for the PS3. A cheat for it is to enter 'ironman', which will grant your team increased durability.