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Q: What is the best basketball for an eleven year old?
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What is the height of a basketball goal for an eleven year old?

cupcakes and sprinkles taste good in the bathtub!:)

What is the fastest mile run by an eleven year old?

Jashuan Agusto, 11 year old basketball standout, runs the mile in 4:47

Who is the best singer for an eleven year old to listen to?

Paul McCartney.

What is the average age for a Japanese eleven year old?

Unsurprisingly, the average age of an eleven year old is eleven years old.

What Transformer games might be best for an eleven year old?

The best Transformer games that is appropriate for an eleven year old boy is the game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Unlike other games, this one does not contain inappropriate content.

What is the best dating website for 11 year olds?

Eleven year old's should not date, besides there is no dating websites for 11 year old's.

Would Cameron Boyce date a eleven year old?

An eleven year old is too young to date.

How does a eleven year old boy ask a eleven year old girl out?

Simply asking would be ideal

What is the best dirt bike for an eleven year old boy?

It depends on your height and how you can control the bike. My first bike when i was eleven was a Honda CRF 150F.

What is the average height of an eleven year old?

the average height for an eleven year old is 52in. and weight is 77-79.2lbs.

What are some good websites for an eleven year old girl?

a good website for an eleven year old girl is

What if the ELEVEN year old does not have erections but gets the feelings?

"the eleven year old" should not act on these feeling with anyone else.