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Q: What is the best baseball movie of all time?
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What is The best movie all time?


Was The Avengers the best movie of all time?

Yes the Avengers was the best movie of all time but when the infinity gauntlet comes out it will be better

What is the best scary movie of all time?

The Shining ,

Who is baseball all time best?

Doug Glanville

What is the best selling movie of all time?

Fast Five

What is the best action movie of all time?

resident evil:afterlife

What is the best movie of all time according to the government?

The Titanic

What is the best horror movie of all time?

It's an opinion.

What is the best vampire movie of all time?

twilight <3

What is the best sports movie of all time?

Varsity Blues.

What is the best marvel movie of all time?

Guardians of the galaxy

What is the best Nicolas Cage movie of all time?

The best Nicolas cage movie ever is face off .

Who was the best baseball player of all time?

Roger Maris

Who is the best player in baseball of all time?

Vladimir Guerrero

Why baseball is an aweosome?

Because baseball is the best sport of all time and it is the American Sport!

What Christmas movie is the best selling of all time?

The Christmas Carol

What is the best kids' movie of all time?

Shreck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it is boi

Best player of all time in baseball?

Gorge human Ruth

Who is the best baseball player in all-time history?

babe ruth

What do critics rate as the best horror movie of all time?

Critics rate the old movie Psycho as the best horror movie of all time. It can easily be seen at any time in the world and still be creepy. Its psychological plot grabs up attention.

What is the 2nd best movie of all time?

Well the second best movie of 2011 is Scream4.Its a twisting horror comedy.You will love it!!!!!!!!

What is the best sport of all time?

Well if by best you mean best past time it would be baseball if not then in my opinion I would say football

What is the gross out of all the best selling movies?

The best selling movie of all time so far is Beauty and the Beast.

What is Uma Thurman's best movie?

KILL BILL PART 1 & 2 -All time best movie PAY CHECK is also a good movie

Why toy story 3 isn't the best movie of all time?

Because not everyone likes that movie