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Q: What is the best USSSA Classic M softball?
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Who was the first person to get hit with a softball in softball?

m best friend rebecca she was riding on a unicorn and the magical lepercon drove it in her face . i mean come on u think i know.

What is the difference between classic m and classic m plus softballs?

1 is 40core & the other 52 core..

Does a baseball of softball have more kinetic energy when thrown at 35mph?

KE = 1/2mv2, where m is mass in kg, and vis velocity in m/s. Since both the baseball and the softball are thrown at the same velocity, the difference in KE comes down to mass. A baseball has a mass of 0.142kg - 0.149kg, and a softball has a mass of 0.177kg - 0.198kg. Therefore, since the softball has the greater mass, the softball would have more kinetic energy. The 2 after the v is supposed to be a superscript and is supposed to mean velocity squared.

If women fastpitch softball the picture shows the ball at 3 30 40 mins in the base of the masses 108 kilograms what is the kinetic energy of the softball?

The kinetic energy of the softball at 3.30 m s the and a mass of 1.08 kilograms is 3.564 joules.

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What is the accleration of a softball?

F = m*a we know the force we know the mass so we can find the acceleration a = F/m = 25/0.5 a = 50 m/s^2 And depends who throws it too

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1¼ miles (2012 m)

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