What is the best Mario baseball team?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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well.....for da gcube....all those other teams people say r WRONG(no offense)

but the team is






6.toad (red or blue works)(rf or lf)

7.toadette(no joke) (rf or lf)

8. toadsworth(c) (p)


there is a certain way to make this team work....for 1 peach must be 2nd....she has chemistry with all of the characters on this team(except for Yoshi or boo)so she is an ideal place 2 throw 2.....also Yoshi must and always b center...with his speed and tongue he needs to control most of the field...with the toads.. when boo is on the plate they must be in left or right field and should throw when peach is on second base or throw home 2 toadsworth(best overall option) if boo tires down...change the pitcher 2 daisy and replace toad and toadette with Mario and luigi and boo with toadsworth this way ALL OF THE FIELDERS HAVE CHEMISTRY(THAT IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO HAVE ALL OF THE INFIELDERS HAVE CHEMISTRY WITH EACH OTHER(EXCEPT FOR HOME PLATE) have the best pitching experince for boo figure out how his piches angle (he has a sidearm) and use da analog stickl for it just to hit the corner that their closest 2...if your opponent hits the ball like this (if their in the center) it should be a rly bad hit or a foul and luigi must be 1st wen boo is pitchin...he is friends with all the infdielders (except the catcher) so he should be there and Mario at third...this lets Yoshi always have a place to throw to wth chemistry powering it.. and bunt wth toadette..u must steal with the person (or people) alrdy on base for this 2 work

when i use this team... i wi the comp on the hardlest level by at least 5 NO JOKE


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Q: What is the best Mario baseball team?
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