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The quest is to find the aspect of Martial Arts that suits the individual's needs.

That's why it's important for you to know that there are 5 aspects to the approach of martial arts.

They consist of : Self-Defense , Sport-Combat, Health & Fitness, Military Tactics and Art & Cultural.

Kick-Boxing (Category 1) - Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai and STX.

Grappling (Category 2) - Shooto, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and CSW

Weaponry (Category 3) - Lacoste Kali, Villabrille Kali and Lameco Escrima.

Close Quarters/Trapping *Sub-Category - Wing Chun, Silat and Pangamut One opinion is that the best MMA Gym in Miami is Hybrid Martial Arts Academy in SW Miami (Kendall)

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Mata Leao of Sumter is a great school. The head trainer is a professional fighter named Derrick Kennington, a BJJ blue belt who is 3-1 as a pro in MMA.

Charles Hanebrick's reality fighting school in Rock Hill is also top-notch. Great instructors and students there, great facility.

Columbia Martial Arts Training Center also has everything you need to train and excel in the sport. The Columbia Submission Fight Team travels to neighboring states, as do the other teams in SC, since the state is sitting on its butt and hasn't legalized the sport yet.

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The Griphouse.


Legends gym,Gladiatorial combat


For all MMA equipment and any information on Scottish MMA, MMA gyms in Glasgow, MMA training in Glasgow, Personal Training Glasgow, check out EZ Sports - 498 Great Western Road, fitness superstore, healthy well-being centre for all athletes of all levels.

Website is informative as well,, i also know that EZ Sports works in colaboration with SFC, Scottish Fight Challenge, to put on the Biggest and most exciting MMA Show in Scotland, SFC " Resolution" - April 17th, Stirling Albert halls, Ez Sports main sponsors.

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Q: What is the best MMA gym in South Carolina?
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