What is the best Canadian hockey team?

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Canadian Montreals

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Q: What is the best Canadian hockey team?
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Who is the best Canadian ice hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What are the names of Canadian hockey team?

there are a few different canadian ice hockey teams

Which is the best hockey team in Canada?

Montreal Canadians is the best team in Canada because of the number of Stanley cups that they have is higher then any other Canadian team.

What is a good hockey team in Canada?

Canadian teams don't even matter. The San Jose Sharks are the best team in the NHL.

Which team is the best team in hockey?

Since the National Hockey League is usually considered the best hockey league in the world, the winner of the Stanley Cup is the best team in hockey.

What is the Canadian Ice Hockey team called?

The national team is called Team Canada.

Who is the best hockey player for Canada?

The best player for the Canadian national team would have to be wayne gretzky or sidney crosby. it depends on your opinion?

Who is the captain of the mens Canadian hockey team 2010?

Scott Neidermayer was the captain of the Team Canada hockey team because he was the most experienced player on that team.

Most goals recorded in hockey by a Canadian hockey team?

i'm pretty sure its Montreal

What is the best hockey team ever?

Statistically, the toronto maple leafs is the best hockey team ever

Who was the first Canadian hockey player?

there really wasn't a first Canadian hockey player.there is no way of knowing.however, hockey was invented by a Canadian and there are many in the NHL today.Sidney Crosby is arguable the best Canadian hockey player ever along with Wayne Gretzky.

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