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Peterborough Lakers

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Q: What is the best Canadian Lacrosse team in Canada?
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Which is the best hockey team in Canada?

Montreal Canadians is the best team in Canada because of the number of Stanley cups that they have is higher then any other Canadian team.

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

Where do the Canadian rugby team practice?


Who was on the 1904 Canadian lacrosse team?

The team that represented Canada in the 1904 Summer Olympics as Canada's best lacrosse team was the Winnipeg Shamrocks. They defeated the United States to win gold. The team roster here follows: George Cloutier Jack Flett Hilliard Laidlaw L.H. Pentland William F.L. Orris George Cattanach George Bretz H. Lyle Sandy Cowan Benjamin Jamieson Elie Blanchard W. Brennaugh William Laurie Burns

What is a good hockey team in Canada?

Canadian teams don't even matter. The San Jose Sharks are the best team in the NHL.

When was the first womens lacrosse team stared?

This became Canada's notions sport for womans lacrosse on July 1st 1867.

Who is this Best Curling player in Canada?

Kevin Martin was the skip of the men's olympic Canadian curling team, so he is probablly the best

Does team Russia have any Canadian players?

No if your from Canada you have to play for the Canada team and if your from Russia you had to play for Russia

What is the best Canadian hockey team?

Canadian Montreals

What is the Canadian Ice Hockey team called?

The national team is called Team Canada.

What is the best pro lacrosse team?

The prytatskies are THE BEST EVER (although I'm not sure they are a team anymore)

What is a Canadian volleyball team name?

Whose legend volleyball team canada

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