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In terms of Basketball? Some of the ones that pop in my head on the East Coast are DC Assault, Atlanta Celtics, Spiece Indy Heat, Boo Williams, and Team Melo. I don't know too much about west coast AAU Basketball.

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Honolulu Sharks Basketball,

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It depends on what state your in

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Q: What is the best AAU basketball team?
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Who is the top aau basketball team in Hawaii?


Top aau basketball boys team in pacific northwest?

Vision is the best by far all the way

What is the meaning of aau in basketball?

AAU is a higher class of basketball teams from all around the country. On an AAU team you play in tournaments against many different teams that have been hand-picked by high-class coaches.. It is usually smart to try out for a team if your good at basketball.

How many championship do Baltimore Panthers aau boy's basketball have in 2009?

The Baltimore Panthers AAU Boys basketball team has 6 Maryland State championships including 2009.

Where does the buffalo defenders girls aau basketball team practice?

Mount St.Mary's

Does new Orleans have a aau basketball team?

Yes. New Orleans Jazz

Who can you contact to play on an adult aau basketball team?

There are no adult AAU teams. If you want to play in an organized adult league look into your local parks & rec leagues.

When did AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans end?

AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans ended in 1968.

When was AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans created?

AAU Men's Basketball All-Americans was created in 1921.

Where a youth basketball team in Aurora Illinois?

There is an AAU team called the Illinois Thundercats. Tryouts and pratices are at East Aurora High School.

Has AAU basketball ruined the NBA?

no. if NBA and AAU are both here, then obviosly not. i play on an aau teem, and its all good.

What is a good basketball name for a 12 and under AAU team with the colors lime green and purple?

The City Name... Hulks