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It makes you fit and healthy, and it's fun and competitive.

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Q: What is the benefit of sport?
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Related questions

What do athletes benefit from training?

they benefit experience, strenth and they become better at the sport they do.

How does sport benefit the community?

because the sport you are in can raise money for the city with fundraisers

How can sport benefit health?

it keeps you healthey

How does this sport benefit health?

It helps you stay fit.

Is not one of the benefit of a strong team bond in sport?

criticism. apex

What are the social and health benefits of sport?

The health benefit of playing sports is that you will get extra exercise that you might not have participated in if you were not in that sport. The social benefit is that you will meet new people and you may even get involved in other sports or other community activities.

How can bad sportsmanship be a benefit to others?

If you are a bad sport, then the referee will help the other team and will be against you.

What are the social and economic benefit of sport?

Very good question well i dont know

Should coaches have experience of playing the sport they are coaching?

Well I don't think they have to, but I think that it would be a benefit for the team if the coach has had an experience of playing the sport himself.

Who can benefit from interval training?

All athletes, regardless of the sport or event in which they compete

How does ice skating benefit your health?

It is a great weight-loss sport and strengthens your whole body.

What gcse's do i need to be a sports instructor?

Hi the gcses to become a sport instructor are Sport Studies, this is the main gcse you would need to become one their aren'tmany other gcse which will benefit you for your hopefull quallification.

What kinds of events would benefit most by blood doping?

any sport that would require alot of strenuous activity.

What sport benefit from blood doping?

Distance running has been notorious for its epo blood doping scandals in recent years.

How does sport and recreation benefit disabled people?

It could bring happiness, pride, motivation, self esteem, confidence and a sense of success.

Should hunting be a Legitimate sport?

Yes. It reduces excessive or invasive species of animals, which is the main benefit. It is also a source of recreation.

Can an inhaler benefit your sports performance if you don't have asthma?

No, inhalers are meant to aid your breathing/coughing when you have asthma. They will not assist you at playing a sport.

How can sports benefit you?

Sports benefits you because you can get really fit, lose body weight, gain muscles and get better at the sport you really like.

Ergogenic aid the intented bene fits in sport?

Ergogenic aids are intended to benefit individuals physical work capacity, physiologic function or athletic performance.

What are the advantages of myEarthLink?

I have several different interests such as politics and sport and would like up to date information and news article on these topics. Why would myEarthLink be of benefit to me?

What fuel does a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport take?

Regular or mid-grade unleaded. You can run supreme if you'd like, but there'd be no benefit to it. There are currently no diesel options for the Explorer.

In Sport Development what is a Cross Cutting Agenda?

Hi there, In sports development certain providers such as councils or governing bodies in sport will develop sport for sports sake and benefit but there are also other benefits to society that come as a result of sports development. The cross cutting agendas are the benefits to society besides those that are from developing sport for sports sake. For example some cross cutting agendas would be: * Minimising crime, getting kids off the streets and getting them involved in sport * Improving the health of the nation * encouraging mixes of race within sport * helping community spirit Hope this helps.

What is benefit of playing video games?

It depends on the game you played it.It could be sport,crime,quest,brain games,etc.But, the benefit you can find in the BRAIN GAMES is to warm up our minds with memories. :) it also helps you in the future when making life changing decisions.

What is the benefits of sport tourism?

easy, economic and creates role models for younger aspiring athletes as there methods are always copied and bettered later on a country with few athletes can really benefit from this.

How can volleyball help get stress out?

Lots of people feel that while participating in sport it relieves their stress. This is true. By getting involved in physical activity it helps your body to calm down, and it also helps your mind to relax and focus on the sport you are doing which relieves your stress. A sport like volleyball is a team sport which would benefit you through the social and support aspects of it. Your mind will be taken off your worry through interacting, speaking and socializing with your team members. Surrounding yourself with friends, team-mates, and a positive atmosphere will benefit your stress related issues. Continue to go and play sport because it prevents your stress from leading to depression, as it is good to go out and have some fun. If you think that you do have depression, or that you are experiencing stress daily talk through it with a trusted adult, friend or counsellor. To be aware research 'depression' on the web and seek advice from depression services. Remember to stay strong!