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Q: What is the beginning salary of a basketball athlete?
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Who is the richest athlete in the National Basketball Association?

Abdul kareem jabar

Who was the first female athlete to have a basketball shoe named after her?

Cheryl Swoops Cheryl Swoops

Who was the first player to earn a salary playing professional basketball?

limt sage

Salary for referee in NCAA basketball championship?

10000000000000000000000000000000000 plus a 100 dolar tip

Which NBA athlete has played in the most basketball games?

# Robert Parish with 1,611 games played over 21 seasons

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What is a famous athlete's last name beginning with I?

Allen Iverson (Basketball player for Denver Nuggets)

Who is better a track athlete a basketball athlete or a football athlete?

Basketball all the way brahhh

Salary of a meac basketball referee?

what is the salary of meac basketball

Highest salary in sports?

The boxer Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete of all time, with a salary of 105 million dollars a year. The next highest paid athlete is soccer player Christiano Ronaldo. His salary is 80 million dollars a year.

An athlete sitting in a wheelchair at rest throws a basketball forward since the athlete and the wheelchair have greater mass than the basketball has the athlete and the wheelchair will?

move backward at a lower speed than the basketball moves forward

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player

What is a starting salary for a pro athlete?


What is the annual salary of an athlete to start with?

23.000 us

Who is a University of Arizona athlete?

Chase Budinger basketball.

What is the salary for a basketball player in Germany?

The average salary for a Basketball player in Germany is, in U.S. dollars, $2 Million.

What did Maya Angelou parents do?

her dad was a Basketball player for the celtics and her mom was a Track and Field athlete

What is the name of the athlete who invented basketball?

actually, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, invented basketball