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Real madrid 11:1 FC Barcelona

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Q: What is the beating record between Madrid and Barcelona?
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What is the record in 2010 between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

In 2010 Barcelona were the winners.

What is Real Madrid v Barcelona all time record?

Real Madrid 11-0 Barcelona 1948

Who has the best record Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over the years we will have to say Real Madrid have a better record.

Real Madrid VS Barcelona soccer record?

Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 in Spanish league. Barcelona has won many matches on real Madrid.

What is Real Madrid vs Barcelona football record?

The answer is : Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona, in the first leg of Copa Del Rey -June 13, 1943.

When did Barcelona lose 10-1 to Real Madrid?

Barcelona's record defeat against Real Madrid, which in fact totalled 11 - 1, occurred on June 13, 1943.

What is Real Madrid and Barcelona winning record?

11-1 real winning in 1943

What is the head to head Barcelona vs Real Madrid record in all competitions?

76 wins for Real madrid 68 wins for Barcelona 38 draws of total 182 matches

What the most record of Real Madrid vs fc barcalona 8-0?

Last year Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2.

What is the head to head record between Chelsea and Barcelona?

5 5 5 25:20 for Barcelona

What is the biggest rivalry in La Liga?

Barcelona and Real Madrid. They are the two biggest teams in Spain by far and over the years have been competing heavily for trophies. On top of that, around 2000, Luis Figo was involved in one of the biggest transfers in history. At the time Luis Figo was on eof the worlds best players and he crossed borders to move from Barcelona to Real Madrid for a then record £38m. It caused outrage at Catalonia and ever since things have been much worse between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Over the last 6 years Real and Barcelona have shared the la liga title 5 times. Always a big encounter when they meet and last season Real Madrid had a sweet victory by winning the La Liga on head to head rule. The points were level but Madrid won because they did better in the personell clash game.

Who is the most popular player in Real Madrid history?

Raul Gonzalez is the most famous and the most popular player in these days in Real Madrid, because he recorded a new record in which he became the all-time top-scorer for Real Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League, with 217 goals in L Liga and 61 goals in the Champions League, by the way I would like to visit the Santiago Bernabeu and watch the Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona gays.

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