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Q: What is the base salary for a MLB player?
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Average salary in MLB in the 60's?

The average salary of an MLB player in 1964 was 14,863 US dollars. 1964 was the first year salary statistics for MLB were recorded. The highest paid MLB player that year was Willie Mays who earned $105,000.

What is the salary range for a major league baseball player?

There is no set starting salary for a MLB player as that is negotiated by the player and the team. The minimum salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $380,000 and the average salary for a MLB player in 2006 was $2,699,292.

What is the bare minimum a mlb players salary is?

As of 2010, the minimum salary for a first-year Major League player is $400,000.

Minimun pay for a rookie baseball?

The minimum season salary for a player in MLB is $380,000.

How do you get salary in mlb 2k11 my player mode?

You don't get a salary you just get a contract when your contract is up it renews every four years

How many ways can a MLB player get to first base?


What is the salary for playing in the MLB?

The minimum salary as of the 2010 season is $400,000. There is no maximum, so a player can make as much as his team will agree to pay him.

How much money did a pro baseball player make in a year 20 years ago?

According to the MLB Players Association, the MLB average salary in 1990 was $597,537 The highest paid player was Robin Yount of the Brewers at $3,200,000 and the minimum salary was $100,000.

What is the average MLB cameraman salary?

The salary for a MLB cameraman will vary depending on experience and where they work. The average MLB cameraman salary, however, is about $44,130 per year.

Minimum salary for Major League Baseball player?

there isn't a minimum salary in the mlb. basically if the player is willing to sign a contract to play for that team for a dollar than he can go into contract for that.

Who is your favorite player in MLB?

The best player in the MLB is Justin marraccino the second best is probably Patrick angarola

What is the average yearly earnings of Major League Baseball?

According to MLB, the average salary of all players on opening day rosters in 2008 was $3.15 million. In 2007, the average salary was $2.94 million. Alex Rodriguez was the highest paid player in 2008 at $28 million. The MLB minimum salary was $390,000.