What is the backfield in football?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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He is a backup for the devensive lineman.. he can pass cover and tackle.. they are usaully big and strong.. and very fast.

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The area behind the Quarterback. Usually where the RB and FB line up.

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Q: What is the backfield in football?
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What is a backfield?

A backfield is the area of play in football behind the offensive or defensive line, or the players positioned in this area.

What is shotgun in football?

when the QB is not in the normal snap position and is back farther in the backfield.

Who was starting backfield for 1970 Buffalo Bills NFL football team?

O.J. Simpson and Wayne Patrick were the starting backfield for the Bills in 1970 along with Dennis Shaw at quarterback.

What is a free safety on a football team?

they play in the defensive backfield along with the cornerbacks and strong safety.

Who starred in the backfield with Franco Harris?

Rocky Bleier was the second back in the backfield.

What is the name of the three time All American quarterback and member of the legendary Four Horsemen of the Notre Dame football backfield of the 1920s?

Harry Stuhldreher

Where is the positions of the players in touch football?

a quarterback behind center 2 guards on each side 2 running backs in the backfield and 2 receivers on the wings

Who was the University of Pennsylvania football backfield in 1953?

Ed Gramigna, Chet Cornog, Joe Varaitis,Bob Felver, Jerry Robinson, Walt Hynoski, Joe Cimakoski,

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