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The average height for a power forward in the NBA is between 6' 8' to 7' 0'. Power forwards often play the center position.

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Q: What is the avergae height for a power forward in the nba?
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What is the average height of a NBA forward?

After combining small forwards and power forwards, my best answer would be 6-9.

Which power forward is the best defender in the nba?

charles barkley

Who is the best power forward in tha NBA?

Dirk Nowitzki

What are the NBA positions called?

Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward and Center.

What are position in a NBA game?

point gurd, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center

What position does Andrew bynum on the nba team play?

Power forward

Which height would be the most reasonable for a basketball player?

It depends on what position you play, and in what league/ country. In the NBA, the average height is 6 foot 7 inches. If your wondering what is the ideal height for each position in the NBA, the answer would be: Point guard- 6'0- 6'5 Shooting guard- 6'5- 6'8 Small forward- 6'7- 6'10 Power forward- 6'9- 6'11 Center- 6'11 and taller.

What is a power forward?

A power forward is a position in the NBA. PF's are mostly the second biggest players on a team. Some power forwards like Lamar Odom can shoot the 3

How tall should a NBA small forward be?

The ideal height of an NBA small forward should be at the minimum 6'6 and at the maximum 6-11. It all depends on your skill set. Peja Stojakovic was 6-11, but because he was primarily a three point shooter, he was put at small forward.

What is the break down of the average nba roster by position?

Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center

Can a 6'5'' be a power forward in the nba?

no bcause ray Allen is 6'5" and he is a shooting guard well Charles Barkley is a 6'6'' power forward and he is pretty tank

Who holds the power forward position on the Miami Heat nba team?

Chris Bosh

What is the 4 spot in the NBA?

The '4 spot' is another term for the power forward position.

What does a power forwrd do in the NBA?

The Power Forward has size so his job is to dunk or lay up the ball. They are terrible shotters.

Who is shortest power forward in the nba?

that's simple. knicks Fred Jones at '6''2.

How many positions are in NBA?

Five. (1) Point Guard, (2) Shooting Guard, (3) Small Forward, (4) Power Forward and (5) Center.

How tall should a NBA power forward be?

6'9 to 7'0. 6'8" at smallest. Charles Barkley and Chuck Hayes are both listed at 6'6" and play(ed) power forward and center for their teams, respectively, but this is an exception.

What is the best forward in the NBA?

The best forward in the Nba is Tim duncan the numbers speak for thyem selves the rings and the MVPs no forward has as many as him. The best forward in the Nba is Tim duncan the numbers speak for thyem selves the rings and the MVPs no forward has as many as him.

What NBA team holds the record for the best opening season record?

The Tropics with Jacky Moon as Power Forward

Who is Taj Gibson?

taj gibson is number 22 power forward for the chicago bulls nba basketball team

What NBA power forward center for the Phoenix Suns won Rookie of the Year in 2003?

That was Amare Stoudmire. He also made 4 appearances the NBA All Star game.

What are the positions in NBA basketball?

1. Point guard 2. Shooting guard3. Small forward4. Power forward5. Center

How was Antonio gates undrafted?

Gates did not play college football. He was a basketball player, a power forward, at Eastern Michigan and Kent State. After NBA scouts told him that, at 6' 4'', he was too small to play forward in the NBA he worked out for NFL scouts and was signed by the Chargers.

Is Blake Griffin in NBA 2K10?

The Los Angeles Clippers' power forward, Blake Griffin, is in fact, a playable character in NBA 2K10; NBA 2K10 is available for Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PSP, and PlayStation 3.

How old is Taj Gibson?

NBA power forward Taj Gibson is 32 years old (birthdate June 24, 1985).