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2 pounds

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Q: What is the average weight of a freshman high school football player?
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Average weight for freshman in high school football players?

1001 pounds

When did Tom Brady become a football player?

His first year was as a freshman in high school.

What is the average height of a high school freshman boy?

the average height of a high school freshman is about 5'5

If you transfer from a D3 college as a true freshman football player to NAIA football are you eligible?

No, you are not eligible. Transferring from a smaller school cancels out your availibility to play.

How long does the average football player play football?

The average football player lasts 10 years assuming high school and college. The average pro player lasts 3 years.

Is freshman football in high school important?

To prepare them for collage football if they make collage football

How much should a freshman football player in high school weigh?

Depends the postition you are going for, and muscle weight is prefered.

When and why did Tom Brady start football?

He started when he was a freshman in high school

Can a freshman play on the varsity football team?

Rules can change from school to school, but if an athlete is extraordinarily talented, they may be able to play on the varsity as a freshman.

Average weight for a football player?

The average weight for a high school football player in the United States is about 250 pounds. This is because these players have a lot of muscle.

When did Tom Brady first played football?

He first played football his freshman year of high school

Is 21.15 a good time for a freshman in high school to run in a 5K?

That's average for a freshman. I ran a 15:31 as a freshman.

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