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Q: What is the average water consumption of a sports fan at a sports stadium?
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What is the water consumption of an average American worker?

The per capita water consumption in the United States is 159 gallons per day.

What is the average water consumption of a dishwasher?

About 10 gallon per regular wash.

How does population and income relate to the average daily consumption of water in France?

it doesnt maybe

What is the average water consumption per household in south Africa?

The average daily water usage per household in Reddersburg, Free State is 2190 litres

What is the size of a water footprint?

There is no actual one size of a water footprint, a water footprint is determined by the amount of water used related to the consumption of people. The four major factors used in figuring out the water footprint of a country are the volume of consumption, the consumption pattern, climate and the agricultural practice. the global average water footprint is 1240 m^3/cap/yr.

What are some statistics about global water consumption?

an average American person uses 100 to 175 gallons of water per day.

What is H2O consumption?

H2O is water so H2O consumption is drinking water.

What is the average water consumption for a hotel guest?

28 gallons per room night for males and 36 for females.

How much does an average water tower hold?

Engineers try to build them with a day's average water consumption for the town. They vary widely in size. The one in Sioux City holds 425,000 gallons.

How do you find the percent of the total water consumption?

Divide the proportion of water consumption used for the specified purpose by the total consumption and then multiply by 100.

What percentage of the earths surface water is suitable for consumption?

3 percent of water can be used for consumption

How does urban sprawl affect water consumption?

Water consumption rises because suburban communities use more water.

What do you have to do to be able to sell water at a stadium?

Permit is required from stadium.

How much water does the average American use at home each day?

The average American uses about 575 litres of water a day, the highest per capita consumption rate in the world.. For comparison, the average person in Britain uses about 150 litres a day.

How does water consumption affect the water cycle?

Water consumption describes the amount of water left on the earth's surface. Excessive use may cause scarcity.

How do you use water?

How we use water in Central Australia How we use water depends in part on where we live. On average houses use more water than units and flats because they have more occupants and bigger gardens.The average water consumption for a house in Alice Springs is 700kL/a, while the average water demand for a flat, unit, duplex or townhouse is around half that at 370kL/a

What does water sports mean?

Sports that has got to do with water.

What is water consumption?

It simply means the use of water.

What is aqua sport meaning?

water sports. sports that involve water Sports in water like swimming,water volley ball.

Which sentence best explains the effect of urban sprawl on water consumption?

Water consumption rises because suburban communities use more water.

What are Sustainable ideas for the London 2012 Olympics?

reuse the stadium for a sports center use brownfield not greenfield use less water use enery light bulbs

How do you compute water consumption in the Philippines?

How do you compute water consumption in the Philippines?Read more: How_do_you_compute_water_consumption_in_the_Philippines

Is it harmful to drink well water after drinking distilled water for a number of years?

No, it is not harmful - assuming your well water has been tested for human consumption.No, it is not harmful - assuming your well water has been tested for human consumption.

What are the dangers of water sports?

Well... drowning is a danger of water sports...

Water sports in Europe?

water polo, water skiing, diving, swimming, basically sports to do with water - dumbos