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Q: What is the average wages for a division 1 player in England?
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How did real wages change in the US in the late 1800s compared to real wages in England?

Wages in both countries increased.

What is the wages of a pro football player?

It depends on what position they play. The quarterback makes the most money which is about 9million$ a sesason. The average of a player is 2-9million$.

Why would wages for labor be higher in Pennsylvania than in England in the 1600s?

In the 1600s, wages for labor were higher in Pennsylvania than in England because there were less people to work. Knowing that the land was cheaper and the wages were higher was one reason many people immigrated to America.

Why have average wages not increased substantially in the last 20 yeras?

The average wages has not increased substantially in the last 20 years because of politicians. It is up to the politicians to make the wages higher.

What were the wages of being a factory owner in Victorian England?

Factory owners did not take wages, they took the profits of the factory.

What is the average wages in a Doctor's office?


Why would wages for labor be higher in Pennsylvania than England?

The scarcity of workers was the reason that wages were higher in colonial Pennsylvania than in England. Many people immigrated to America during the 1600s because the wages were higher and the land was cheaper.

How much are average wages in India?

The average wages in India is about 118 rupees per day. This is equivalent to about $2.18 per day for most regions.

How much money does a dancer get a year?

they earn $15.06 in hourly wages, and Choreographers had average hourly wages of $20.13

What is the wages of a pediatrician?

Average hourly salary is $77.60 Average annual salary is $161,410

Who is the player with highest weekly wages?

david beckham

What is the average wages for a rugby player?

The average wage at senior level is approximately 60K per Annam. Plus they gain marketing payments, personal appearance fees, interview fees etc etc

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