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depends 2 stroke of 4 stroke and racing bike or a trail bike

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Q: What is the average top speed of a 60cc dirt-bike?
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What was the average top speed of a car in1973?

The average car had a top speed of around 125 to 130 mph.

What is the average top speed of a bus?

25mph that sure is slow but that is the top speed

How fast can a 200 kdx kawasaki go?

Acceleration is comparable with a modern 4 stroke enduro 250 dirtbike. The top speed is approximately 60mph/100kmph with stock gearing

Top speed of a maglev train?

Its top speed is 431 km/h and its average speed is 250km/h

What the top speed on a xr80?

i have an xr80 and i hit 40 I have one, I drove it beside my freinds Vinson and it got up to 85km/h. Not bad for an 80 cc dirtbike.

Is it possible to have an average speed larger than the top speed?

No, that isn't possible. 'Average speed" indicates the time you need to get from A to B. If you start at point A and accelerate to top speed as quickly as possible, there will always be a period where you are still driving at less than top speed. And if you first accelerate to top speed before reaching point A, the best you can do is driving from A to B at a speed equal to top speed.

Average Speed of a bull?

The average bull can reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The bull cannot maintain the top speed for more than a few minutes.

Which is faster - the average speed of tsunami sometime called a tidal wave or the top speed of a cheetah?

The top speed of a tsunami is 900 kilometers per hour (600 mi/hr) and the top speed of a cheetah is 120 kilometers per hour (75 mi/hr). Therefore, the average speed of a tsunami is faster than the top speed of a cheetah.

What is the real speed for a zebra?

The average top speed for the zebra is 40mph.

What is a zebras average speed?

top speed 40mph (hope that helps)

What is the difference between average speed and top speed?

Average speed is a value of all the speeds you have travelled at over a certain length of time. Top speed is the absolute highest or fastest speed that you have ever reached. (A one time speed value).

What is the top average speed of a plane?

You can have a top speed and you can have an average speed, but you can't have a top average. Top average is like saying exactly approximately. Leaving that it's very much dependent on the type of aeroplane. The first planes weren't faster than scooters, while today fighter aircraft will easily do twice the speed of sound. Pick a plane type and vintage first, then you can find out how fast it can go.

What is the average speed of a Formula 1 race car?

top speed is 190 MPH the average depends on the track's configuration.

What is the top speed of a sailboat?

4x AWS is alleged to be the top achieved/recorded record. AWS is the acronym of "Average Wind Speed".

What is the top speed of horses?

average is 45 MPH

What is the symbol for average speed?

The symbol for an average speed is a bold v with a line over the top of it. This is the quantity of change in position over change in time.

What is the top speed that golf carts can travel?

Golf cartsare not built for speed. On average your maxium speed will be 10mph.

What s the average speed of caltrain?

The average speed of the Caltrain is fifty-five miles per hour, but it has a top speed of seventy-nine miles per hour.

Top speed of snowmobile 440?

My '95 440 Indy Supersport tops out between 55-72mph depending on snow conditions, with an average speed top speed of 65mph.

What is the average fasted quarter horse speed?

I believe that the fastest an average quarter horse can run is about thirty to forty mph at top speed.

What is the average speed of a miniature pinscher?

The average speed of miniature pinschers ranges drastically depending on the distance. The top speed has been recorded at anywhere between 35-40mph

What is the top speed of a nascar stock car?

The top speed of a NASCAR stock car will vary depending on the track. On average, speeds can top as high as 190 to 200 mph.

Ktm 85sx top speed?

i have a ktm 85sx 08 small wheel. i weigh about 35kg and my brother clocked me in at 65 mph. it all depends on your weight track and your bike. but why the hell would you want to do over 100 kmh on a dirtbike.

What is the average speed of a cougar?

The top speed of a running cougar is 40-50mph. The average speed, considering it is a cat and therefore inherently nap-prone, is probably much closer to zero.

What is the average pitch speed for 17 year old males?

Usually 75 top speed on a fastball