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at 13 i was running a 7:04 to 7:15. but now im a freshman and running around a 5:45

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Q: What is the average time to jog a mile for a 13 year old?
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What is the average time a 4th grader can jog a mile?


How long does it take to jog 1 mile?

Really depends at what rate your going, Average jogging speed of a 36 year old male is 6.9 mph

How can you get fast?

Run every day. Monday, run 1/2 mile, jog 1/2 mile. Tuesday, run 1 mile, jog 1 mile, and so on.

How fast is a jog?

According to BBC Sport, a jog is anything anything slower than a 6mph (9.7kph) pace, which is a 10-minute mile time or 6.2-minute kilometer time.

How many steps would be in a 3 mile jog?

I am about 5' 7" and jog 1 mile in 10 minutes. I trend to keep the same pace throughout my jog. Jog 3 miles in 30 minutes and my pedometer reads 5358 steps. That's 1786 steps each mile.

What is needed to know the average velocity of a boy jogging on a Sunday morning?

To know how fast you are running you just need to know two things. Time, and distance. Know how far the distance is and record the exact amount of time that it takes you to jog that distance. Say you jog one mile and it takes you a half an hour to do so, then you'd be traveling at 2 miles per hour. If you jog that mile in 6 minutes, you'd be traveling at 10 miles per hour. It's easy to use exactly one mile for your base distance then time it. Take the amount of time it took you to jog the mile and divide by 60 ( minutes in an hour ) and the end result is the amount of miles you theoretically could have ran in one hour.

How long should a 11 year old take to jog a mile?

It should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour

What is an average human jogging speed?

Jogging differs from running, as it suggests lighter exercise. What one person may consider a jog, another may consider a brisk run. Generally, however an average jog for men is about 10:30 per mile.

How long does it take to walk a very hilly mile?

if you jog a mile its 10 minites to walk a mile its probily about 40min to an hour

How many mins do you have to jog to burn 100 calories?

i would say about 15 mins. you need to jog a mile to burn 100 calories, so it all depends on how fast you jog.

What are the release dates for My Friend Tony - 1969 The Twenty Mile Jog 1-10?

My Friend Tony - 1969 The Twenty Mile Jog 1-10 was released on: USA: 13 April 1969

How does a 160 pound twelve year old run the mile without stopping to rest?

sprint long ways nd jog short ways

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