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Q: What is the average time premiers leagues first goal?
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Who is the scottis premier leagues all time leading goal scorer?

kris boyd

Who is leading goal scorer now in English leagues football this season?

zakki of wigan

Current European leagues top goal scorer?

The highest Europen goalscorer is raul Gonzales of Spain.

Who is the premier leagues third highest goal scorer ever?

Thierry Henry - 174 Premier League Goals

What seems to be the ultimate goal of the KKK?

The main goal of the KKK was to attack or kill black members of the Loyal Leagues. They would often kill the black people and take their heads to their family members.

What is the definition of goal average and how is it calculated in soccer?

Goal average is goals scored divided by goals conceded. It has of course been pretty much superseded by goal difference these days.

What are the dimensions the goalie crease?

In amateur and international hockey, the goal crease is a half circle with radius of 6 ft (1.8 m). In the NHL and North American professional leagues, this goal crease is truncated by straight lines extending from the goal line 1 ft (30.5 cm) outside each goal post.

Do you play dodge ball?

There are many organizations out there with varying rules and setup however the National Dodgeball League has a thorough rule set that most independent leagues have adapted and tailored to fit their own venue and or goal restrictions/missions.www.thendl.comwww.arizonadodgeball.comwww.dodgeballislife.comto name, but a few "serious" leagues out there.

In soccer from a kick -off the player kicks the ball directily into the goal what is it?

If he kicks it into the opponent's goal, then a goal is awarded and a kick-off is given to the opposing team. If he kicks it into his own goal, then the kick was backwards and must be retaken. In some youth leagues (under 8) there are no direct kicks, so if the ball were untouched into the goal, the kick would be retaken. If a defender touched it on the way to the net, the goal would count. This is similar to a throw-in, which cannot score a goal directly.

What are the World Cup extra time rules?

It's the same as Normal Leagues rules i think , 15 minutes for First half time and another 15 for the Second half , if a Team got a goal in the first extra time they have to Continue the Other extra half time but if they were still Tied they will play Penalties.

When did iginla score his first goal?

He scored his first goal in his second NHL game.

If a team intercepts a 2 point attempt and runs to their goal is it a touchdown?

This question would depend on which league was being discussed. In some leagues it is a scoring opportunity, and in others it is not.In most leagues, including the NFL, no, the intercepted two-point conversion cannot be returned for points by the defense.