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Depends on the pool's length...

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Q: What is the average time it takes to swim a lap in a pool?
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Mile swim time in a pool?


How fast does food travel through the digestive system?

About the time it takes for President Taft to swim half a lap in a standard swimming pool.

Where do young tigers swim Puzzle time?

In The Kitty Pool

Average time to swim 100 meters?

An average 100 meter swim time is 1 minute and 33 seconds.

How long should you swim in a chlorine pool at one time?


Average time to swim a 25 m lap in swimming pool?

depends im 12 and do back 20s breast 22s fly 18s front 18s

What is the Average time to swim a 25 meter lap in swimming pool?

depends im 12 and do back 20s breast 22s fly 18s front 18s

Average time to swim 1000 meters?


Is it good to keep a pool heater on all the time or turn the heater on when needed?

In order to reduce electricity consumption (and potentially reduce electricity expenses) it is advisable to turn off pool-heaters until the time at which the pool is to be used. So as to have a pool at a suitable swimming temperature, it would be advisable to turn on the heater a number of hours before you intend to swim in the pool. A more amount of time your pool takes to heat thoroughly may be available in documentation you have regarding your pool.

How many laps must you swim in a 25 foot pool for a mile?

In a 25 foot pool you must swim 221.2 laps to swim a mile. One lap is one time across the pool. A more common pool length at health clubs in the United States is 25 yards. In a pool of this size one must swim a little more than 70 laps to swim a mile. Occasionally you may find a 25 meter pool in which the number of laps is a little more than 64.

What is the average time to swim 1 mile?

Well it takes me 9 minutes to run/walk a mile so i say about 10 minutes or 8

Should you swim in pool if you have a heat rash?

Yeah you should be fine. I have heat rash and i swim in my pool all the time. Just don't stay in the pool for over an hour straight. You should come out and take about a 15 min break.

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