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It all depends on the condition of the swimmer. A more experienced swimmer would swim faster. A good average time is 20 minutes.

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Q: What is the average time for the 1650 freestyle swim?
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What is the average 25 meter 10 year old swim time in freestyle?

20 seconds

What is a good time for the 50 meter freestyle swim for a woman?

A good time for a long course woman 50 freestyle is about a 30.00

What is the average time for swimming 25 yards?

Depends... how old is the person? what stroke are they swimming? are they trained? personally, i am a teenage girl who has been on swim team her whole life and if i swim freestyle for a 25 my time is about 15-20 seconds

What is the history of freestyle swimming?

Freestyle swimming came about because some people can swim really quickly but not necessarily in one style. Freestyle swimming allows people to swim in varied styles as long as they beat a certain time trial.

How long does it take to swim 50m on average?

For men the World record for 50m freestyle is under 21 seconds, while a reasonable club swimmer should be able to swim 50m freestyle in around 25 seconds. A good time for an average non-club swimmer should be around the 30 second mark

What is the average freestyle time for a 12 year old boy swimming 50 meters?

if he is on a swim team than about 35 seconds and if he is not and just trying it about 40 to 45

Average time to swim 100 meters?

An average 100 meter swim time is 1 minute and 33 seconds.

What is fastest time for 25 yd freestyle for an 8 year old girl?

There aren't usually records in the 25 freestyle because after you turn 9, you never swim it again.

What is average time for 16 year old to do 50m freestyle?

30.79 seconds

What is the fastest 400 meter freestyle swim time?

The world record of fastest swim time in 400 meters freestyle in Long course is 3:40.07 by Paul Biedermann of Germany, which he set in 2009 World Championships in Rome, Italy. In short course the record is held by Yannick Agnel of France, who recorded a time of 3:32.25 in 2012.

What is the best time for a 50 freestyle in swim ming in a meters pool?

Between 11 PM and 4 AM, when it's not too crowded.

What is the average swimming time 100m freestyle 11 years boys?

55 seconds

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