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Depends... how old is the person? what stroke are they swimming? are they trained? personally, i am a teenage girl who has been on swim team her whole life and if i swim freestyle for a 25 my time is about 15-20 seconds

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Q: What is the average time for swimming 25 yards?
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What is the time you must average to meet a 22 minute requirement in swimming 800 yards?

You must swim faster than 41 seconds per 25 yards. Or it is 82 seconds in a 50 yard pool.

How much distance is one lap of swimming in a 25 yard pool?

25 yards

In swimming how far is 300 yards?

It depends on the length of the pool. If you are swimming in a 25 yard pool, 300 yards would equal to 12 laps.

What is the shortest swimming race?

For 8 & unders it is 25 yards but for older ages or competitive it is the 50 yards.

What is the distance of a short course swimming pool?

25 yards SCY 25 meter SCM

How long is the average swimming pool?

I think it is about 16-20 yards. But it also depends on what the people have room for. But I'm not a pool expert so this is just a wild guess. On average, pools used in competition, are either 25 yards long or 25 meters long.

Why would a competitive swimming pool be 33 meters long?

It wouldn't be. If you're swimming in meters the pool should be 50 meters, and I've seen them be 25 meters occasionally. If you're swimming in yards the pool would be 25 yards.

What is the standard swimming pool length for a college swim meet?

25 yards.

Best measure of olympic swimming pool?

25 yards by 50 meters

How many centimeters are in a 25 yard swimming pool?

There are 2286 centimeters in 25 yards. This is a math problem.

In swimming how many yards in a lap?

Let's assume you are swimmming in the United States. And let's also assume you are swimming the "short way". Then chances are you are swimming 25 yards for each length, and so each lap is 50 yards. This circuit is callled Short Course Yards.

What is the length of a swimming pool?

it varies...could b: 25 yards 25 meters 50 yards 50 meters (in order from shortest length to longest)

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