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Q: What is the average time for a 15 year old to run 6 miles cross country?
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Related questions

What is an ivy league running time for cross country?

In college cross country most races are 8k (or 5 miles). The winning time at the Ivy League championships last year was 23:28, or an average pace of 4:44 for 5 miles. I'd say the "average" time is anything under 25:00, or under 5:00/mile

What is the average cross country mileage for a 9 year old girl?

5:12 seconds is the average time

3 miles average for a 15 year old?

Im 15 and im in 10th grade. I just time myself yesterday and ran 3.00 miles in 17:29.6 I dont do track or cross country so idk if that is good or not.

What is a good and average time for cross country 3 mile run in freshmen year?

about 22:00

What is the average time for a high school cross country runner in a 3 mile race?

19 minutes

How is cross country skiing judged?

Cross country, or nordic skiing is judged by the time you take to complete a course. The fastest time wins.

What is the average time it takes to run two miles?

I am a 22 yrs old male; weigh 10.5 stones (about 64kg I think) takes me about <14 minutes to run 2.1 miles. Hope that helps. Well, I'm in middle school and 12 yrs old and our cross country team runs 1.9 miles for our races. My best time is 13.21, but our team captain can run it in 9.09 so for a average runner it would probably be about 14 minutes and an average person would be about 28-20 minutes!

What is the average time for a 13 year old boy cross country runner?

Probabally around 20, 21 minutes. good is sub 19

Who is the Fastest cross country runner?

well... that all depends on the amount of energy, the course, and the feeling of the runner at that specific time. i race cross country and the winner for my jr high school is at a 5:40 mile... good but not the best. so no there is no specific fastest cross country runner. For a 5k (3.1 miles), which is what high schoolers run the best time is 15:02. Evan Apple used to run at my school and he ran at a time of 15:10. He was 3rd in the nation. Craig Lutz is the fastest high school cross country runner in the nation.

What is an average time for a two mile run for a 12 year old?

For an average 12-year-old track or cross country runner, around 16-18 minutes. For just the average kid, probably 18-24 minutes.

Average mile time for a 13 year old boy?

For a runner (such as track or cross country), about 6-8 minutes. If you're just an average kid who likes to run, probably 7-10 minutes.

What is an average time for a 5 mile run?

37 minutes for 5 miles is the average time

Average time for a 5k run?

It can vary greatly based on age, gender, terrain, and condition (athlete vs. non-athlete). (Sanandraous) The average high school Cross Country time is between 21-23 mins with the fastest average at 15 min and slowest average at 28min

How long does it take to drive 98 miles?

Depends on the average speed: time taken is distance divided by average speed or time = distance / speed For example driving at 49 miles per hour: time = 98/49 = 2 hours

Can a chickens can cross the road?

Yea we live on an old country road and my chickens cross it all the time

What is the average time it takes to run a 26.2 miles?

The average time to run 26.2 miles is 4 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds. Hope this helps you!

What is the average time for a high school athlete to run a mile?

I would say that the average High School athelete can run a mile in seven minutes. maybe if they are a girl and not in track or cross country for a girl in track, average is around 6 minutes, possibly a bit faster, for guys average ~5 for athletes not in track, i don't know since they don't normally run timed miles...

Who ran the fastest 10 miles?

Ryan Sinninghe from Rainy River, Ontario. 1996 Rainy River Cross Country Meet. Time of 38 minutes 42.69 seconds.

What is the average time to run 6 miles?

The average time that it takes to run 6 miles is 1 hour. This varies greatly depending on who is running and how quickly they can run a mile.

What do they do in cross country tryouts and how should you prepare with a month's time?

When you go to tyyouts the coch or coaches will probably have you run a miles or so and time you. And in a monthly advance you should work out your upper body and your lower body. And run a couple of miles a day to get you used to it and eat healthy/drink lots of WATER.

What does post-time mean in cross country running?

Post means after so it has to do with something after time.

If you can get a 5 min and 47 second mile could you make it on the cross country team if you are 13?

Most likely you will make the team, however you'll need to keep up this same pace for another 2 miles. Most cross country races are 3 miles long, and if you add up your time you'll get around a 17:30 which is ok for a guy and really good if your a girl. with a time of 17:30 and your a girl, most likely you will even go far as CIF.

What is the average time of running 1.5 miles?


What is the average time to run 4 miles?

28- 32 minutes

What is the average speed 150 miles in 5 hrs?

Average speed = Distance/Time = 150/5 = 30 miles per hour.