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the girls pole vaulting record is 5.05m by Yelena Isinbayeva from Russia in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics

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2013 Calif. State High School Track Meet - Triple Jump Distance

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Q: What is the average throwing distance for a high school girls javelin throw?
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What is the average throwing distance for a girl throwing a football?

Mid twenties is the average distance. Around 25 or so.

What is the average throwing distance for a middle school QB?

about 20 yards accurate and 30-35 a little wild

Which actor finished 300th in a high school class of 301 but nevertheless got a javelin-throwing scholarship?

Michael Landon

What is a good javelin distance for middle school?

Im not sure.. But my farthest throw was 52 feet and I'm in middle school

What is the distance a 14 year old boy can throw a javelin?

It depends, if you are still in middle school and throwing the 600 gram, the top prospects throw roughly 50 meters, but if you're in high school and throwing the 800 gram at 14, then probably around 45 meters would be good. If you want to be recruited you need to throw 180 feet minimum, but 60 meters or 200 feet if you want to make it big. I was one of the top u14 throwers in the country by throwing 50 meters, but a good thrower would throw 35-40 at 14 years old. Usually, there are 1 or 2 kids in high school that throw 70 meters, but 60 meters will get you basically anywhere.

What are the Major Areas in Physical Education?

The major areas of P.E. lessons are running, throwing and jumping. There are 2 types of running: long distance - like 1500 metres or 800 metres - and short distance - 100m, 200m and 300m for girls, 400m for boys. Throwing is normally shotput, javelin or discus and jumping is long jump, high jump or triple jump. This is all based on secondary school though - different schools may be different. Hope this helps :)

What are some hobbies that begin with the letter J?

Jugglingjewelry making jump rope (for school aged girls) jet setting jungle exploration javelin throwing joke telling juggling joustingjammin' on the guitar. jammin' on the guitar.

How heavy is a middle school javelin?

In most public schools I don't think that they have javelin because of the many many risks!

What is the Weight for javelin girls high school?

500 grams

How many states allow high school javelin?

Only seventeen states allow Javelin as a field event in high school. Many other states such as Arizona are looking into adding the event.

What is the weight of the javelin throw for high school?

234 tons

What is the official weight of a middle school boy turbo javelin?

There is no official weight for middle school, it depends on area.