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A little mroe than 2 meters.

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Q: What is the average stride length in meters of 49 strides in 100 meters?
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What is the average mans running stride length?

Stride length varies depending on how fast you are trying to run. At higher speeds you are making longer strides because you are pushing yourself further each stride. 100m sprinters have average strides of 2.5m, but most jogging averages around 1.5-2m in males.

What is the mathematical formula for speed uding the variables stride frequency and stride length?

Stride Frequency= # of Stride/ time. the unit used is strides/sec Stride Length= speed/stride frequency. the unit used is m/stride

What is the best estimate for the length of a sidewalk to the front door?

Measure the length of your stride and call it S. Then walk from the curb to your front door on eh sidewalk and count the number of strides. Say it is N. Then the length is S x N = Length in whatever unit you measured your stride.

Average stride length?

For adult females, the average step length is about 26 inches and the average stride length is around 52 inches. For adult males, the average step length is 31 inches and the average stride is 62 inches.

How many step is in 1.3 miles?

1.3 miles is 2253.0816 meters. An average step is about 2/3 of a meter, so 2253.0816 / (2/3) = 3,380 This is just an approximation, though, as everyone has a different stride length. An easy way to find your own is lay out a tape measurer and find your own stride length. Then do 2253.0816 divided by your stride length in meters.

What part of speech stride?

Stride can be a verb or a noun. As a verb: He strides across the road with confidence. As a noun: He crossed the road in a couple of strides.

What part of speech is stride?

Stride can be a verb or a noun. As a verb: He strides across the road with confidence. As a noun: He crossed the road in a couple of strides.

Abid's stride is three-quarters of a meter long. how many strides does he take to work along a bus 12 meters long?


What part of speech is the word strides?

Strides is a noun (plural form of stride) and a present tense verb (third person singular conjugation of to stride).

How many steps are 1.5 k?

"K" is not a unit of length. If you mean "km", that means kilometer. One kilometer = 1000 meters.

How long is the average horse's stride?

I'll assume you are going by the canter stride used in jumping competitions and basic training. In that case the average canter stride is 12 feet long. A human stride varies according to how long the humans legs are and their natural gait, whether they walk with short steps or long steps. To determine this, have someone measure your stride and then divide the 12 foot canter stride by your stride length to figure out how many strides you must take to equal one full canter stride of the horses.

How many meters can you walk per minute?

Depends on your Stride length