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it's pretty good. that means you can run a mile in six minutes consistently.

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6.7 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the average speed in miles per hour if a 10 mile run is done in 90 minutes?
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How many miles per hour is 26 miles done in 90 minutes?

26 miles in 90 minutes equates to an average speed of 17.3 mph

What is is the average running speed for two miles?

To join the army, two miles must be done in 15 minutes and 53 seconds, so average is somewhere around there.

A driver sets out on a 20 mile trip At halfway he has averaged 20 mph At what speed must he travel the rest of the way to make his overall average speed 40mph for the trip?

This is a trick question and the only possible answer is "it can't be done". In order to average 40MPH over 20 miles, the entire trip has to last 30 minutes (MPH=miles/hours). At the halfway point, which is 10 miles, at 20MPH it already took 30 minutes to get there, so there is no way to "make up for lost time" - no matter how fast you go, you can't average 40MPH on the trip. Even if you somehow were magically able to travel at the speed of light for the remaining 10 miles, which is 670,616,629MPH, your average speed of the trip would be only 39.999999881MPH, not quite 40MPH.

You drive to Austin Texas 300 miles in 5 hours but the return trip takes you 7 hours what is your average speed for the trip in miles per hour?

You've done 600 miles in a total of 12 hours, therefore your average speed was 600/12 = 50 mph.

How many mph to walk 1.5 miles in 30 minutes?

joggin at 5.5mph takes 11 mins to do 1.5 miles, done that at my college, so walking would be double that so 22 mins for 1.5 miles and say add another 20 mins on for the extra mile, so my guess is 30-40 minutes mate, hope this helped an incy bit lol Josh x

You visit your grandparents who live in a town 60 km away By bus the trip takes you only 30 min What is the average speed of the bus in kmh?

It takes 30 minutes to make 60 km.. How many km can be done in 60 minutes... = 120 km Then the average speed is 120 km/h

How many miles can a person walk in fifteen minutes?

In general an average human walks at 4 miles per hour, so your speed is normal. Athletes walk at about 5-6 miles per hour normally. and as people age the speed of walk comes down by .5 miles for 10 years after 30.

What is a hondas top speed?

Done 176 miles on 11000 rpm.

How do you convert average wind speed to miles per hour?

Well first it depends on the wind "speed". 1. "measure" 2. "calculate" 3. "convert" (in 18 in. incraments) After those easy "steps" then you are "done".

How long will it take to drive 60miles per hour for 210 miles?

It will take approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. This was done by dividing 210 by 60 as Speed/Distance = Time

Sally drives a distance of 100 miles it takes her 2 and a half hours for sally to drive this distance what is her average speed?

Also when you have found out what the answer is could you please also tell me what you done to get that answer!?

A driver sets out on a 20 mile trip at halfway he has averaged 25mph at what speed must he travel the rest of the way to make his average speed for the trip 40mph?

If average for whole trip is 40mph, the trip will take 30 mins. If he has done 10 miles at 25mph this will have taken 10/25 of one hour = 24 mins, so he has 6 mins left to do 10 miles. This requires a speed of 100mph.