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Q: What is the average size of a CFL defensive end.?
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Who is number 91 on the Denver Broncos?

Cameron wake. used to play in the cfl.

What is the average size of a CFL defensive lineman?

For defensive tackles: Just about the size of Fred Robbins I would say but it really depends. As long as you are big and fast and able to rush the other team's quarterback, I don't think you would have any problems being a defensive lineman. For defensive ends: I think it would be more important for you guys to be taller than chunky, however, this does not mean that youdon't have to be big to be a defensive end. you should be able to pass rush just as well as defensive tackles can.P.S., These answers are correct because I actually am a defensive lineman in the football league that I play in so I just thought this would be the best question for me to answer on this website.

What is Average speed of a defensive end?

The average Defensive End is paid about $1.58 mil a year.

When did CFL USA end?

CFL USA ended in 1995.

How many players start on the defensive line?

Depending on the setup its either 3-4= Defensive End/Nose Guard/Defensive End 4-3= Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End 5-2=Defensive End/Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard/Defensive Tackle/Defensive End

What is Jared Allen'sshoe size?

As of 2014, Jared Allen is currently a defensive end for the Chicago Bears. His reported shoe size is a size 13.

What is a DE in football?

Defensive End. The DE plays on the outside edge of the defensive line. Called the Defensive End in a 4-3 allignment and is sometimes referred to as a Defensive Tackle in a 3-4 defensive allignment. The Defensive end is responsible for pass rushing and run stuffing.

What is a defensive end?

A defensive end is the name of a defensive position in American and Canadian football, situated at each end of the defensive line.

Will Michael Vick end up in the CFL?


When will the new 2010 season of the CFL begin?

The new CFL season will begin July 1st and end November 7th

Who was the defensive end for the 1993 Dallas Cowboys?

The starting left defensive end was Tony Tolbert. The starting right defensive end was Charles Haley.

How much should a college defensive end bench press?

average is about 350 and they weigh about 250 and around 6'3