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== == There is no set probability for every 3-point shot. Every player has their own 3-point percentage, which is simply the number of 3-point shots made divided by the number of 3-point shots attempted. The average three point percentage is around 35%, while the generally high percentages are around 45%. Last I looked, the best 3-point percentage in the NBA was somewhere around 48%, which is ridiculously good. They give them 3 points for a reason; it's a very difficult shot to make with any measure of consistency. For the NBA (which has a longer 3 point shot than in college) an average shooting percentage is about 25%, while a good shooter may hit between 36 and 42%. Anything over this is extremely accurate, left to players who are considered shooting specialists who only shoot the ball when they are wide open. Scorers who must shoot often even if they are well defended often shoot a lesser percentage despite being considered accurate. Kobe Bryant currently shoots 36% from 3pt range.

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it is about 35 percent

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Q: What is the average shot percentage for a 2 point shot in basketball?
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When was the two-point shot added to basketball?

The two point shot has always existed in basketball.

What is a trey in basketball?

A Three point shot

NCAA three point shot?

Yes, there is a 3-point shot in NCAA basketball.

What effect has the addition of the three point shot had on basketball?

The three point shot has provided more intense situations towards the end of games and a higher scoring average for the 24 second shot clock era.

Is there such thing as a 100 point shot in basketball?


What is an circus shot in Basketball?

A circus basketball shot is typically a one-hand, off balance throw and has a low percentage chance of making it in.

What shot in basketball in worth 1 point?

A foul shot equals one point.

What are the three ways to score in basketball?

three point shot free throwinfield shot

What is the name of the basketball shot worth one point?


Who is the Mens college basketball all time 3 point field goal percentage?

It's C.J. Redick. He at one point in his career shot 82.5% from corner 3. But the highest 3 point percentage from all around was by Stephen Curry at 51.5%.

How far do you have to throw to make a 3 point shot in basketball?

outside of the 3 point circle

What is the Point system of professional basketball?

foul shot = 1 point any shot within or on the 3 point line = 2 points any shot beyond the 3 point line = 3 points