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Q: What is the average salary for basketball players in china?
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What is the average salary of a professional ping pong player?

25k noob. PING PONG PLAYERS ARE POOR AND THEY ARE CHINESE. 25k is the richest person in china. lol. Say this very fast: FOR CHINA. It sounds cool.

What is the average salary for an anesthesiologist in China?

"The average salary for an anesthesiologist in China would be Between 100,000 and 400,000. China is a well developed Country, and very prosperous as well. There salaries can even range higher then an anesthesiologist in America."

What is the average worker salary in china?

It depends on what you do and it what form of currency do you want your answer?

How much do basketball players make in china?

1.5million after taxes

What is average china basic salary?

The Chinese make an average monthly salary of 730 dollars a month. Those in management positions can make much more.

Average salary in china?

it's roughly $9600 (US) a year in urban areas

What is the Average household salary in china per year?

it is about 1$ a day in the month of may

Who was on team USA's mens basketball team in Beijing China?

---- Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and other players == ==

Who are the top ten tallest college basketball players?

1. Yoa Ming from china 2. Shaqquile onneal

When was National Basketball League - China - created?

National Basketball League - China - was created in 2004.

What is the average salary of construction workers in China?

1500 RMB, entry skill, to 8000 RMB, master grade Average 3000 RMB to 5000 RMB for skilled workers

What is China's national average salary?

around 1500-2000 yuan ( the Chinese currency), this is 1500-2000 pounds to them in china, but amounts to 150-200 pounds PER MONTH. i am partly Chinese :)

Is Yao Ming's province in China known for tall people?

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai, China. In general China is not known for producing tall people. They have however produced some of the tallest basketball players in the world. They are Sun Mingming who is 7â??9″ and of course Yao Ming who is 7â??6″.

What is the minimum wage in China?


Names of American athletes competing in 2008 Olympics?

I only know 2. Superstar U.S. athletes such as pro basketball players Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are playing in the 2008 Olympics in China. They are representing the US in the Olympics for the sport of basketball. -AK.

What is the monthly salary of an english as second language speaker?

It's difficult to say for sure because people who teach English as a second language usually live abroad and are paid in that country's currency. For example, in China 4500 yuan is the average salary.

Do china play basketball?


How many basketball teams are there in China?

There are 16 teams in CBA (Chinese Basketball Association).

Does China they have the same rules in basketball that Australia does?


Will my American DVD play in china's DVD players?

Most DVD players are made in China as well as the TV's they plug into. You will need a converter or different electrical plug as the sockets are different in China.

Who is the famous basketball player in China?

Yao Ming

What is the sports they play in China?


What is China's popular team sports?

Soccer and basketball.

How much is the salary for in assistant accountant?

2500 RMB in china

What is postdoctoral salary in china?

5500 Y netto + housing