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Q: What is the average salary for arena football players?
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What is the salary for arena 1 football players?

The average salary for Arena 1 football players is $31,000. This is in contrast to the average salary of an NFL player which is $1.9 million per year.

What is the salary of a defensive lineman in arena football?

The average salary for any player in arena football is about $80,000 per year. There are 16 players per team, 8 on offense and 8 on defense.

What are the top salaries for arena football league players?

I don't know the top salaries, but the average salary is $85,000 per year.

What is the base salary for arena football players in 2011?

it is normally $7200-$50,000 a year

What is the average salary of an arena football player?

Last time I heard it was about $25,000

What is the average salary for arena 2 football league?

Roughly $200 per game.

How much does an Arena 2 player make?

Arena 2 football players aren't big time celebrities. Their average salary is around $75,000 per year, with the league minimum much lower than this.

Arena football salaries?

what is the salary to play arena football

How many games do arena football players play?

There are 18 games in a season of arena football.

How much money do Arena Football League players make a year?

They make on average from $50,000-$250,000.

What is the average salary for an Arena Football player for 2 seasons?

In 2 years a average AFL player makes between 130,000-180,000

What is the average 40 time for arena players?

Arena players are not any faster or slower than NFL players. Arena football is just another route for people who don't make it to the NFL right away. There are MORE skill players than in the NFL, but they are not individually faster.

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