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The salary for a professional Water Polo player varies by team, location and how good the player is. An average is around $30,000.

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Q: What is the average salary for a professional water polo player?
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Who is the shortest professional men's water polo player?

manuel estiarte - 5'8

Who is born on the 24th of July 1998?

John Wheatly, professional water polo player

What is a salary of a water skiing pro?

Getting paid as a professional water skier depends on how well the skier does, how many events it wins and how well they are known. They can bring in less than $800 a month, to $10,000 a month.

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212k-220k a year for the first 10 years, and 500k+ a year for 10 years or more.

Average weight of college water polo player?

240 lbs

Average height of college water polo player?

6' 4"

How much does a professional water polo player train each week?

3 times a day and 5 Days a week =) Grantham water polo collge or Manchester uni =D

How many black players play professional water polo?

Actually.... just this year (2010) a black water polo player retired from the game after playing the sport for over a decade.

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In pro clubs in europe they make an average of about $90,000 us dollads a year. superstars such as Sapic make a few million a year.

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What questions do you ask to a water polo player?

You could ask a water polo player when they began playing, what teams they have played for, who their favorite athlete is, what position they play, what they do to stay in shape, how many yards they swim each day, what their average number of goals per game is, or what their favorite part of the game is.

Is there a professional US water polo team?


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How do you become a professional water polo player?

well to become a professional water polo player is,you have to be a good swimmer (really fast one though) also you don't become a professional player by over night you have to really try hard some pple just become pro b/c they are really good at playing that sport also you have to watch out what you eat and you have to build up musles :] To become a proffesional water polo player you have to be recognised internationall as a talent, and be selected to play for a club that will pay you to play for them. Most clubs are in europe in countries such as Hungary( clubs: Eger, Honved) Italy ( Pro Recco, Pro Lazio) Serbia ( VK Partizan, VK CRVENA ZVEZDA, VK Vojvodina) Montenegro ( Budva,) Croatia (VK Zagreb Rijeka,) these are the most famous and succesful clubs however you can get payed to play in smaller less significant leagues, such as in Israel, or Russia

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How old is the average water polo player?

This is a hard question to answer because most people who play start at the age of 11 and you can play for as long as you like. My coach is 65 and has played since he was 12. So there isn't really an 'average' age.