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I dont know per month, but usually it depends on what league they are in and how good the player is, but usually it is about 50-100,000 dollars a yerar.

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Q: What is the average salary for a pro soccer player per month and year?
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What is the average salary fro a professional soccer player in Italy serie b?

5000 a month..Maybe

What is the average salary for a Swedish Allsvenskan soccer player?

100.000-800.000 kroner a month and it depend how good you are and age!

What is the salary of a soccer player?

Wayne Rooney gets £250,000 a month

How much money do soccer stars make a month?

the average salary for a super star player is between 150000 - 400000 dollars a game

What is the average salary of a Spanish basketball player?

The average salary of a Spanish basketball player depends on the league in which he or she plays. The average for lower leagues is about $1,500 per month to about $10,000 per month in the higher leagues.

What is the average monthly pay of a soccer player?

The average footballer will get 80,000 pounds a month.

What is the average salary of an Atlantic League player?

$3000 a month is the top salary. Typically it is somewhat less.

Canadian soccer league salary?

i play in the league and a top player in the league makes 2k/month

What does the average USL Pro soccer player get paid?

1000-5000 a month

How much does a pro soccer player in Costa Rica make in salary?

Professional soccer players in Costa Rica do not make as much money as other professional sports players in the US. On average they make around $1,000 a month.

What is the average salary for a basketball player in Spain japan and France?

About 5,000$ per month

What is a average salary for an artist?

an average salary of an artist is about $1,500 a month.

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