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20 for entry. 50 for 2000 paintballs.

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Q: What is the average price to play paintball in il?
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Where can you paintball in Chicago IL?

their is a field called hunter paintball or cpx sports

Where can you play paintball in Illinois like they do in Ten things I hate about you?

Never seen the movie but the best paintball field (Rated 3rd best in the world) Is called Challenge Park (CPX) and it's in Joliet, Il.

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What are the paintball fields near the Chicago area?

The ReferenceUSA business directory actually lists the following. Some may be suppliers instead of playing facilities, though. "Chicagoland" is also rather broadly interpreted: Chicago Land Paintball 537 W 195th St Glenwood IL 60425 (708) 756-1166 Fox Paintball 1891 N Farnsworth Ave Aurora IL 60505 (630) 585-5651 Hunter Paintball 4410 Highway 176 Crystal Lake IL 60014 (815) 455-5455 Operation Paintball 661 S 8th St West Dundee IL 60118 (847) 426-1041 Paintball Explosion 4866 Dempster St Skokie IL 60077 (847) 674-0678 Paintball Explosion 5006 Warren St Skokie IL 60077 (847) 674-0678 Paintball Explosion Inc Monee IL 60449 (708) 271-7461 Paintball Gear Com 500 Thorndale Ave # F Wood Dale IL 60191 (847) 437-5519 Patriot Paintball 1208 N Riverside Dr Mchenry IL 60050 (815) 385-8520 Perfect Circle Paintball 830 Seton Ct # 9 Wheeling IL 60090 (847) 367-8960 Realms Of Ruin Paintball Park 15530 Donegal Dr Manhattan IL 60442 (815) 478-3500 Realms Of Ruin Paintball Park 19733 Bauer Rd Wilmington IL 60481 (815) 458-0800 Woodsball & Paintball Supply 802 Thunderbird Trl Carol Stream IL 60188 (630) 740-1419 Fun Time Square Paintball 121th and Cicero ave. ----

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