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The average price of Nike College Basketball shorts can definitely vary for what size, what team, and other price variables that could determine the difference.

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Q: What is the average price of Nike college basketball shorts?
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The average ticket price for a college basketball game is $40. Some tickets are hard to get, especially University of Kentucky ones.

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The average price of his books are $38.67

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It completely depends on how experienced the teacher is. If you get a fresh out of college person, or a student still in college, you can ask for a cheaper lesson than those of professionals. You usually rate your price per hour or half hour. If you have an hour lesson with a college student in a rural area, you or the teacher could come up with the price or agree upon it. The average price could be about $30-40 an hour. With more experienced cellists, it will be much more expensive.

Predict how the price of athletic shorts would change if schools banned their use?

The price would decrease.

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Asics running shorts are available from ebay, sun & ski, Macys and various other stores. For price I would recommend shopping at sun and Ski with a price of $19.

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on the high end, $80 for the same Nike Air Jordans and Nike Air Max that today are being sold for $200 + today. The average price was between $35 and $65 for any brand or style tennis shoe ,basketball shoe or sneaker.

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