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It depends on the individual. Far fewer hurdles are knocked down in women's hurdling than in men's because the hurdles are lower relative to the average height of women hurdlers.

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Q: What is the average number of hurdles knocked down in a women 110m hurdles?
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Why do women run 100m hurdles and men 110m?

Both are designed so that athletes run three strides between hurdles. Men are usually taller than women so run 10m further over the same number of hurdles.

What is the height of the Olympic Low hurdles in inches?

There is no "low hurdles" event. Men's intermediate 400m hurdles is 36 inches. Women's intermediate 400m hurdles is 30 inches. Women's high hurdles is 36 inches

What sport does sally Pearson do?

Women's High Hurdles/ 100m Hurdles

Are there the same amount of hurdles in a 100m race as in a 110m race?

Yes, there are 10 hurdles in the men's 110m hurdles and the women's 100m hurdles.

Which olympic sport is about running and jumping hurdles?

Two. 110mtr hurdles (men), 100mtr hurdles (women) and 3000mtr steplechase

What are women's hurdles?

This is an athletic sport.

What is the measurement for hurdles for girls in high school?

Men's - 110m hurdles are 42 inches high - 400m hurdles are 36 inches high Women's - 100m hurdles are 33 inches high - 400m hurdles are 30 inches high

Who did the women's hurdles for Australia?

Sally McLellan won the Silver medal in the Women's 100-metre Hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

How many hurdles in women 400m race?

Strictly speaking there are no hurdles in a 400m race, but in a 400mH race there are ten hurdles per lane.

What is the distance for the womens hurdles?

300 Hurdles means 300 meter hurdles. 300 meters is equivalent to 328.084 yards. Women's hurdles are 30 inches tall (Men's are 36").

How high women's hurdles?

3 feet

How high are the olympic hurdles?

42 inches for men and 33 inches for women.