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Q: What is the average number of Free throws made by NBA teams?
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What is the highest number of basketball 'free throws' made by an individual in a NBA game?


What is the highest number of free basketball throws made by an individual in a NBA game?


How many free throws does Lebron shoot on average each game?

he shoots about 10.5 free throws per game

How many points of free throws are there in an average basketball game?


Why are free throws important?

Free throws are important because they are the perfect time for players to rest and they allow many teams to retaliate especially if the team is great at retrieving offensive fouls off of free throws which gives teams three chances to score.AND 1 then free throwAND 1 then missed free throw and then a offensive rebound to an easy lay upA foul followed by a made free throw then a missed free throw then an offensive rebound into an AND 1 and an additional free throw

Cheryl made 7 out of 10 free throws Jim made 5 out of 8 free throws and francine made 3 out of 7 free throws Write the number of free throws made over the number of attempts as fractions for each pers?

Cheryl = 7/10 Jim = 5/8 Francine = 3/7 All you have to do is put "the out of number" on the bottom of the fraction and then the other number would go on top.

What is Jordan free throw average as a rookie?

He shot .845 in his rookie season on 630 of 746 free throws.

Which is the better average10 of 15 free throws or 8 of 10 free throws?

8 of 10 free throws

What is the NBA record for most consecutive free throws made?

Michael Williams, a guard who played for several teams between 1988-1999, holds the consecutive free throws made record at 97 while playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

In 20 basketball games you attempted 90 free throws and made 18 of them express your success in making free throws as a percent?

18 made free throws / 90 attempted free throws 18/90 = 0.2 Success in making free throws = 20%

What is the highest number of basketball free throws made by an individual in a NBA game?


What is the highest number of basketball free throws made by an individual in a NBA games?

Dirk Nowitzki

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