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Q: What is the average major league player's time going from first base to second base?
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Can Major League Baseball players slide at first?


What Major League baseball team was the first to retire former players' numbers?

The New York Yankees were the first Major League team to retire a players number.Lou Gehrig was the first player and the #4 was the first number.

When did the negro baseball league begin and when did it end?

The first league for African-American ball players was founded in 1887, even as some minor league clubs had such players on their rosters. The last such league folded in 1951.

How far is it from shortstop to first base in little league?

At least 60', the distance between second and first base, but the average throw is approx. 75'-80'.

Do the Little League Players in the Little League World Series keep their equipment?

I believe Gary Thorne said at the 2010 llws it is the first year the players get to keep their JERSEYS

When were foreign players first allowed to play in the premier league?

they were always aloud play

How many players have played major league baseball with the first name Leon?


What is second string and first string on soccer team?

first string are the better players they start, second string backs them up.

What is the number of players to start a softball game?

Nine players start the average softball game. A pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, and three outfielders. (Left, right and center.)

How many players are there in Major League Baseball?

There are 30 Major League Baseball teams. Each has 25 players, so there are 750 players in the Major Leagues. From September 1 through the end of the regular season (usually the first Sunday in October) teams can expand their roster to 40 players, so during that period there can be 1,200 Major League Baseball players. Teams also have 10 players on their A, AA and AAA minor league affiliates

My first semester comulative average is 85 how do they calculate the average of second semester?

The second semester cumulative average will be calculated by the number of units in your second semester.

What does it mean to be all League in high school football?

It's a great honor... It means you made like an all star team out of the best players in the league. It is usually split up into two groups (but sometimes they may add a third one) the first team is like the starters and the second team is like the back up players(and the third are like reserves). Usually every coach in the league meets and decide on who the best players are.

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