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Level 7-10, but it varies. Some people who start late are around level 2 or 3, even. I was an elite, but that's not usual.

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Q: What is the average gymnastics level for a 12 year old?
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What level in gymnastics would a 10 year old be?

Maybe level 4-6 depending on their skill level

Is a 12 year old in level 4 in gymnastics too old?

no, because my best friend is on level 4 gymnastics. and she is the best person on our team. and the best friend you could ever have!

Is level 5 good for a yr 6?

Yes, level 5 is good for a year 6. Here is a simple table to show you the expectations of a child: Level W Working towards level 1, very weak Level 1 Average for a typical 5 year old Level 2 Average for a typical 7 year old Level 3 Average for a typical 9 year old Level 4 Average for a typical 11 year old Level 5 Average for a typical 13 year old Level 6 Average for a typical 14 year old Level 7 Above average for typical 14 yr old Level 8 Only available in maths Hope this helps :)

Should a twelve year old be in level 6 in gymnastics?

I'm 13 and I'm in Ultra advanced 3 at my gymnastics place, lol, idk where u go!?

What is an average level at ks3 for 12 year old?

Considered level 4 is average for someone in year 6 and level 5/6 is average for someone in year 9 I would say 4C-5B level 7 is above average.

Is 15 to old to be in level 7 gymnastics?

No, its not. As long as you keep working hard you should have no problem achieving higher level gymnastics.

How much does an average 11 yr old gymnast weigh?

I am a 13 year old female gymnast and i am at Level 7. I weigh about 95 lbs. It really depends on how long and hard you have done gymnastics. And how tall you are. Plus if you are a boy or a girl.

How old are people when there in level 7 gymnastics?

Usually they are 10-13 for boys And for girls 8 -13 but if you start late like say if your a 13 or 14 year-old level 6 then you will be 16 in level seven

What is a good IQ level for a 27 year old?

100 is the average.

How old must a child be to compete as a level 4 in gymnastics?


What average should a 12 year old girl get in beep test?

When i did it I got level 8 but the average 12 year old girl should get at least level 4 otherwise you are unfit !! Hope this helped

What is the average age of reading level 5.3?

A 8 to 9 year old

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