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I'm assuming you mean total goals per game, i.e. both teams combined.

Without going into explicit details, here are the trends:

- slightly over 6 in 1946

- dipped to under 5 by 1952

- rose back to just under somewhat under 6 and fluctuate around that mark from 1958-1970

- from 1970-1985 rose quickly, to a peak of just under 8 from 1982-85

- from 1985-2003/04 dropped quickly, to just over 5 in 2003/04

- rose dramatically in 2005/06

- dropped back to around 6 in 2007/08

You can get the full stats from:

The question may be motivated by questions regarding the new rules the NHL put in place to increase scoring. The simple answer is that yes, they had a major effect for one year (2005/06), and have had only a minor effect other than that. The more complex answer is that, as a general rule, the number is going to hover around 5.5-6 unless something happens that changes it, which will generally last until coaches can adapt to that change, at which point it goes back to around 5.5-6 again. What events have happened to effect it? New powerplay rules in the 50s meant to stifle the Canadiens' powerplay worked only too well. The success of the Canadiens in the 70s, a team built around speed that beat a team built around, well, thugs, caused other teams to adopt the same style. In the mid-80s, Gretzky came around and in the early 90s Lemieux, yes, you can effect the scoring stats (and the way the game is played) if your name is Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux. Around 2000, the left-wing lock, or trap, was popularized, until that was adapted to, and new rules put in place to help curb its effects.

Also, the average number of goals is slightly lower in the playoffs than during the regular season. Although, there have been few seasons when this rule was broken, lower scoring in the playoffs has been a remarkably stable phenomen.


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Q: What is the average goals per game for an NHL game?
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What is Gretzky's goals by game statistics?

Career goals-per-game average: .601 NHL record goals-per-game average: 1.18 in 1983-84 season (87 goals in 74 games)

Average score for NHL teams?

This season the Average goals scored per game is 6

What is the best goal per game in the NHL?

1. Pavel Bure .78 goals per game. 2. Mike Bossy of the New York Islanders has a .762 goals per game average in his career.

Which player retired in 1997 with a NHL record career goals-per-game average of .823?

When Mario Lemieux first retired in 1997 he had played in 745 games and scored 613 goals. That would make his goals per game average .823.

What is the average nhl payment per game?

100$ per game

Which Euorpean Club league scores the most goals per game?

Dutch Eredivisie. Average 3.023 goals per game between 1995 and 2010. German Bundesliga. Average 2.66 per game

What is gavg?

Seems to be an abbreviation for "average goals" which could stand for the average number of goals scored by a player or team per game.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's average goal percentage?

0.62 goals per game

What does app mean in football?

It's league appearances or national appearances than you take the number of goals score dive them by the number of appearances and you get your average of goals per game Example: 8 goals in 4 games you dived 8 by 4 and the average is 2 goals per game

How many goals were scored in the 2009 English Premier League?

There were 942 goals in the 2008-09 season, an average of 2.48 goals per game, the second lowest on record (2006-07 had 931 goals, 2.45 per game).

Which NHL player has scored the most goals in their career?

Wayne Gretzky retired with the record of 894 goals. Unless the format/play of the game changes dramatically, this record will probably never be broken as a player will have to average about 50 goals per season for at least 18 seasons just to equal that amount.

What is the difference between a GAA and save percentage?

a GAA is how many goals you give up average per game and a save percentage is how many saves you make on average per game