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I am assuming that what you are really looking for is the magic answer to type into the "tie-breaker" box of your bracket. Usually a tournament bracket asks players to predict the final score of the championship game as a tie breaker.

By taking the final scores since 1939 and adding the two scores together (winner plus loser) and then performing statistical analysis on that data, we get a simple mean score of 136.67, and within a 99% confidence interval, the mean is between 128 and 145.

That means that any number between 128 and 145 (both scores added together) is a good answer to the box. After that it's mostly luck. Good luck!

The three-point line was added in the 1986-1987 season, so if we eliminate the scores from before 1986, then the average shifts to between 145 and 155 with a confidence interval of 90%.

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Q: What is the average final score for the final Division 1 NCAA mens basketball game?
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