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The average energy intake for a weightlifter is around 2000 kj. They gain this by eating certain foods such as meats and fats.

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Q: What is the average energy intake and expenditure for a weightlifter horse jockey and marathon runner?
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What fraction of the day's energy expenditure of the average person is represented by his or her basal metabolism?


Why is net energy expenditure more important than gross energy expenditure?

Because it is the actual amount of calories expended. NEE = GEE (Gross Energy Expenditure) - REE (Resting Energy Expenditure). Source: My B.S. in Exercise Science/Kinesiology

How do you measure energy expenditure?

A person's energy requirement is the amount of energy he or she needs to maintain health, growth, and a level of activity. A person's energy expenditure is the amount of energy he or she uses, and the measure of this can be used to determine the person's energy requirements. Energy expenditure can be calculated either with an equation or by direct measurement.

What membrane activity does not require the expenditure of energy by the cell?

Osmosis is the membrane activity that does not require the expenditure of energy by the cell. It does not require any input of energy.

What is energy expenditure?

Energy expenditure is that amount of calories that someone uses in one day by exercising or doing everyday tasks.

How many percent of your daily energy expenditure is used to keep your organs running?

55 - 75% of daily energy expenditure

What is the potential energy of the barbell when it is lifted?

The potential energy increases because of the weightlifter lifting it above his head (Hope this helps)XP

How is energy expenditure measured?

Energy expenditure is measured a couple of ways. It's measured by a person's basal metabolism, maximal oxygen consumption, and BMR.

How much energy can a recycled bottle create?

Recycling does not create energy. It reduces the expenditure of energy.

Does diffusion require the expenditure of cellular energy?


What happens if energy intake is less than energy expenditure?

weight loss.

By what basic principle do all diets work?

Energy intake < energy expenditure = weight loss.

What three factors that affect how much energy a person needs?

Age Gender Activity level note: weight is also a factor in energy expenditure

Overweight and obesity result from an imbalance in energy intake vs energy expenditure?


What transport methods require energy expenditure by the cell?

active transport reguire energy.

What is the lowest rate of energy expenditure of the body?


The largest component of energy expenditure is?

Basal metabolism

What is the main cause of production?

The directed expenditure of energy.

When running a marathon when is it best to ingest fats?

Never during a marathon. Your body does not have the ability to metabolize fats into energy during the time it takes to run a marathon.

What hormone suppresses appetite and increases energy expenditure?


What hormones suppresses appetite and increases energy expenditure?


Which process requires the expenditure of cellular energy?

active transport

What percent of the energy expenditure at rest is derived from fat?


Which cell process requires energy expenditure?

Active transport

What is the smallest component of total energy expenditure?

Thermogenic effect