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I am 15 and i can sprint up to 34.8 mph other juniors on the team sprint up to 28-29 mph that i know of.

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Q: What is the average cycling sprint speed for a 15 year old teenager?
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What is the connection between slow cycling and rapid cycling?

Cadence and average speed dictate the difference, however rapid vs slow refer's to a cycling cadence (RPM)

What is the average time for a 20 meter sprint?

Between 3-5 secs depending on your speed

How fast can the average man sprint?

The average man can sprint 15. 9 miles per hour. The record holder for the fastest 100 meter is Usain Bolt. He ran at a foot speed of 27. 44 miles per hour.

What is the average time for 40m sprint?

I just turned 13, I'm a little bit faster than average and I got 6.35. But the 40m sprint is completely irrelevent to 100m cause I got 15.72 in the 100m and my friend (who got 6.39 in the 40m) got 14.96. So the 40m sprint is just about accelaration not speed.

What is the maxim speed of a human?

Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100m sprint. He did this in 9.69 seconds, which gives an average speed of 23.08mph (10.32m/s). As this is an average speed the maximum speed will be a bit higher than this. so to answer your question the maximum speed of a human is about 25mph

How many mph is the average runner going?

The answer depends on the distance for the race. A marathon runner could not maintain the speed attained by a sprint runner.

If you can ride 1.2 miles in 2 min is that a good pace for road cycling?

1.2 miles in 2 minutes would equal 36 MPH, or 58 km/h. On flat ground and no significant wind that's a very decent sprint speed. But most disciplines of cycling are more about endurance than sprinting, so unless you go for track cycling what speed you can maintain for a longer duration is more important. Somewhere around 25 MPH would be a more reasonable pace for a longer training run.

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100m Sprint

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34 kmh

What is the pulse rate of a sprint?

There is no such thing. The pulse rate of someone who is sprinting depends on the phsysical condition and speed of the sprint.

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