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I've paid anywhere from 10-30 dollars depending on what kind of deals the Bowling alley has or it can just depend where you bowl. Some bowling alley's cost more than others.

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Q: What is the average cost of bowling per person?
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How much does boling cost per person?

It depends on what Bowling Alley you are at. Cheaper bowling alleys can range anywhere from $1 to $4 a game (per person). More recognisable bowling alleys such as AMF or Brunswick can cost anywhere from about $2 to $6 a game (per person). There are also exclusive luxury bowling alleys that can cost about $20 a game (per person).

How much does it cost to go bowling at Bowl America?

Just talked to the lanes in Falls Church, VA. Regular bowling is $5.25 per person per game. Cosmic bowling in $5.75 per person per game. Shoes are $3.75 per person.

How do you compute average cost per game of bowling?

Divide the total money spent for bowling games by the number of games bowled. I.E. If you spent $9 for bowling games and bowled 9 games, the average cost is $1.00.

How much per person cost for bowling on Sundays?

It depends on the time of day and center.

What is the price of a bowling alley?

The price of an average bowling alley is around $6 per person. It changes depending on if you are a kid or an adult.

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How much money would it cost to build a Bowling Alley?

In the United States the average cost of a bowling alley built from concrete block with a steel roof deck and no basement is $119.75 per square foot. A 20,000 sq. ft. bowling alley would cost $2,395,000 to build.

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