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For the 2008 season, 25,003.

Memphis home games in the 2008 season:

1) September 6: Rice 42, Memphis 35 - Attendance 28,351

2) September 20: Memphis 31, Nicholls State 10 - Attendance 22,167

3) September 27: Memphis 29, Arkansas State 17 - Attendance 26,376

4) October 10: Louisville 35, Memphis 28 - Attendance 40,248

5) October 25: Memphis 36, Southern Mississippi 30 - Attendance 24,034

6) November 22: UCF 28, Memphis 21 - Attendance 18,836

7) November 29: Memphis 45, Tulane 6 - Attendance 15,012

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Q: What is the average attendance to a University of Memphis football game?
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