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Q: What is the average age of a college basketball coach?
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How old do you have to be to coach basketball?

There is no age requirement.

What age was the youngest NCAA basketball coach?


Is there an age limit in college basketball?

no, if a person has not gone to college and has not played basketball for money, they are aloud to play.

What is average age of college graduate?

The average age is about 21

What coach is the only one to win the NCAA basketball championship and the NBA championship?

Larry Brown is that coach. And most recently Brown at the age of 71 will soon sign a deal with Southern Methodist University to coach their basketball team.

What is the average age of a college football coach?

The ages of a football coach usually range anywhere from 30 years to as old as the person is really capable of coaching a team I would say around the 60's

Average age of pro basketball players?

35Type your answer here...

What is the average retirement age of a professional basketball player?


What is the average age for a basketball player?

I would say about 25-30

What is the average age of freshman year college student?

I do not have a clear average on freshmen, however, in the college I teach at its a mixed bag. I have students from 18 years of age through senior citizens. The average age college wide to include day and evening is now at 32 years of age.

Is there an age limit to play college basketball?

No not as long as they have not used their 4 years of eligibility.

How old is the average college professor?

age is 42

What is the average age of a college football player?


Average age of college football players?


Average age of professional basketball player?

the average is 35, over 25 ages were added together..

What is the average age for ncaa mens basketball teams?

Well, you enter college when your aged 17-19, and then four more years, so 21-23, so that makes an average of 20 years old.

Is there an age limit in college baseball?

No. I don't think so. Unless you are 25 or older, it makes a difference. The right age in college basketball is around 18-23.

What is an average age of a polo player?

high school--> college.

How old do you have to be to be a NCAA football coach?

There really isn't an age minimum for coaches. For head coaches, it is more of a requirement that a coach has been coaching a position (quarterback, linebacker, etc) for an amount of time. The youngest head coach in Division 1 football is Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern who will turn 34 on December 2. He became Northwestern's head coach in 2006 at the age of 31. His first job coaching in college was as the linebacker coach for the University of Maryland at the age of 21. A person in their early 20s, just after graduating from college, can land a job as a position coach.

Average age of college hockey players?

anywhere from 16 to 22

What is the average size of a basketball?

The standard size of a basketball used by the National Basketball Association ranges from 29.5 to 29.875 inches. However, non-professional basketballs can be much smaller, depending on the age for which the basketball is intended.

What is the approved age of use for little tikes basketball hoops?

The average age group for little tikes basketball hoops according to the little tikes website, is between 6 and 11 years of age. However, it can really be enjoyed by anyone.

Who was Pat Summit married to?

R. B. Summitt from 1980 until 2008 (divorced). They had one child, a son, Tyler Summitt, an American college basketball coach and former player. His career ended in 2012. He is age 25, born on September 21, 1990.

Who is the youngest current division 1 college basketball player?

Aaron Gordon, University of Arizona, 18 years of age

What time do you go to college in Japanese?

After high school, at the average age of 18-20